CPR - Treetops Tav Jam Night

CPR (aka Charlie, Pete, Rob)

This talented trio come to together a couple of times a month as the house band for the Treetops Tavern Jam Night at Burleigh Waters QLD.

Nothing is safe when this power trio take to the stage. Blues, Rock, Reggae and Indy versions of some of your all-time favourite tunes. Known to theme entire nights around a single artist (ZZ Top, Clapton, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd & Gary Moore to name a few) this show runs on pure instinct and raw talent. No one (not even the band) know what’s next!


Wed 3rd Oct - Treetops Tav, Burleigh QLD
Wed 31st Oct - Treetops Tav, Burleigh QLD
Wed 28th Nov - Treetops Tav, Burleigh QLD